Free delivery from €50.00*

Shipping and Delivery

How does delivery from Wickey take place?

We deliver our playground equipment to you via courier. Small accessories and items will reach you via parcel service.

Which couriers and parcel services does Wickey use to delivery playground equipment and accessories?

Since we supply almost all of Europe with our country-specific Wickey shops, we cooperate with a large number of forwarding agents. In the case of small deliveries, we collaborate with various parcel services.

How is Wickey playground equipment delivered, and how is it packaged?

Safety first - this is our packaging motto! You will receive your goods safely, robustly and solidly packaged, and parcels or palettes will have a protective film. Larger items, such as climbing frames or swings, will be delivered to your curb just as safely.

What should I consider and examine when I receive my order?

Before accepting the parcel, check to see if there is any external damage, and decline receipt of the item if the parcel shows signs of considerable damage. Before assembly, you should once again examine the delivery carefully. Check against the assembly instructions to ensure that your order is complete and that there are no missing beams, boards or individual components.

I live in a narrow street - Which delivery options do I have?

If your road is too narrow for a delivery with a 7.5 ton truck with standard dimensions of 7.5 tons (L6.1xW2.4xH2.4 m), you can always specify an alternative delivery address when placing your order.
If you wish a delivery to your desired address despite unfavourable circumstances, please consider that this may result in increased shipping costs and a longer processing time.

Will Wickey items be delivered together, in the case of orders containing multiple items?

The basic rule is: one order, one delivery! Unless you have shopped with such diligence that we can't fit all of your items in one parcel. Depending on the situation and demand, our kids' beds and climbing frames of our Tiny series will also be shipped in several parcels.

Can the courier help transport the playground equipment onto my property?

Delivery is to your curb - and then it's your turn.

Is it possible to change the delivery time with the courier at short notice?

In case you have to postpone the delivery date, a phone call is sufficient. To forward your newly notified delivery date to the forwarding agent in time, we ask you to inform us at least 3 days before the delivery date originally agreed upon.

What hapens if I'm not at home when the delivery arrives?

We ask you to avoid this situation as much as possible in order to keep the effort for all parties involved as low as possible. If you are not able to keep the appointment, we will step in: The courier will get in touch with us, and then we will get in touch with you, to arrange a new delivery time.

Can I pick-up my order on-site?

Even though we would love to meet all of our customers personally, pick-ups from our site are unfortunately not possible due to organisational reasons.

Can I have my order delivered to a packing station?

Unfortunately this is not possible. But you are welcome to choose a different delivery address, where someone you trust can kindly accept the delivery on your behalf.

Does Wickey offer express delivery?

Unfortunately, due to organisational reasons, this is not possible. Nonetheless, we try and get the items you have ordered to you as quickly as possible.

Can I arrange to have the order delivered at a date and time of my choice?

You have the option of agreeing your delivery day with the courier. The time of delivery on your selected day will depend on the courier's route.

Does Wickey also deliver abroad?

Of course - we offer our playground equipment in a variety of European countries. However, please note that delivery to your country/island can only be carried out by placing an order in the country-specific Wickey shop. If you are able to find your country in the list of our shops, nothing hinders delivery. Further information about the delivery areas of this shop can be found here: Order & Delivery

On which days do deliveries not take place?

On Saturdays and Sundays our couriers enjoy a well-earned weekend - and we hope you do too?

Are there surcharges for island deliveries?

There has to be a catch to the non-stop-holiday-feeling: yes, in this case there are surcharges. Just take a look at the surcharges for your country/island in our shop.

What are the shipping costs?

Free delivery from 50,-€! Exceptions exist for islands and areas that are difficult to reach. Further information can be found here: Order & Delivery.

Where can I see the status of my order?

As soon as your order leaves our warehouse, you will receive a shipping confirmation. Please contact our customer service for further information about the delivery status.

What delivery time can I expect?

You can find the average delivery time of an article on the respective product page. The period of time listed on that page always begins after receipt of your payment.

Will delivery take longer if I order multiple items?

If you order several articles with different delivery times, you can always orientate yourself towards the longest stated delivery time. Please note that your delivery can consist of several packages.