Project a life-sized 3D climbing frame in your garden!

We offer our augmented reality feature to help you find your dream climbing frame. Augmented Reality (or AR for short) is a computer-aided perception of reality, which is enhanced by virtual elements. In the case of Wickey's AR feature, it means you have the opportunity to view our climbing frames to scale in your garden using your smartphone before you buy. So you can decide which climbing frame best suits your garden and find the perfect spot ahead of time.

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Assembly guides
Position your desired climbing frame to scale in your garden before you buy it with the help of our AR function. Assemble our most popular climbing frames in an instant with the BILT® App. Thanks to our innovative 3D instructions, you can reduce your assembly time by up to 30%!
Max. platform height
The maximum platform height indicates the highest play area of the tower that your child can reach.
Length of slide
Choose the perfect length of slide to best suit your children's needs and your garden.
Series / Post thickness
Our series indications provide you with information about post thickness as well as the size, shape and design of our different playground equipment. We have something for everyone!
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