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Wickey - That's why!


Wickey - That's why!

Wickey's dream is to inspire children and encourage them to go on their own adventures. Can there be a better place for this than your own home? We are fully committed to developing safe and creative outdoor play equipment and beds to give children's imagination new, exciting impulses.

10 year guarantee

No matter where: From sunny islands to legendary kingdoms to secret places deep in the jungle: we provide a 10-year guarantee on all of our high-quality wooden products if our own anchors are purchased at the same time. A two-year warranty is granted on our fabulous accessories.

Impregnated wood - thinking ahead!

Our wood can be compared to the pillars on which our fantasy worlds are enthroned. That's why we attach great importance to the highest quality: One against environmental influences protecting pressure impregnation not only ensures a long service life, but also protects all adventure kingdoms from wind and weather. A safe adventure for all seasons!

Made in Germany

Genuine quality products from sustainable production in Germany - what more could you want? With our products, explorers and adventurers set off on a fantastic journey with a feeling of security! We focus on quality: All of our wooden elements are processed and produced in Germany.

Customers' favourite in Europe!

Ideas are the result of dreams. As early as 20 years ago we marked the first climbing frame on our treasure map and have remained true to our handwriting ever since. Whether climbing frame or swing, for the private or public area: Millions of satisfied customers from all European countries have already found their personal treasure in our assortment. Become part of our big family!

Fairytale theme worlds

Whether you're a pirate on the high seas, an astronaut in space or in search of gold in the jungle - Wickey develops game dreams for adventurers big and small. Our range not only includes outdoor playground equipment such as climbing frames, swings or sandboxes - we also make you dream: our multifarious range also includes extraordinary children's beds, which you can spice up with our great accessories - just like our climbing frames

Safe & sound

To ensure that all pirates, explorers and superheroes can safely embark on their adventure journey, we produce and test our play equipment in Germany. We only use carefully selected materials such as solid wood and high-quality anchors or swing clamps. In addition to a creative design, we pay great attention to the safe construction of our products. In this way, even the most exuberant playing becomes an all-round safe experience.