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Swing seat for children

Every child enjoys the feeling of freedom and happiness of swinging through the air and soaring up into the sky. Swinging also supports motor development and strengthens the sense of balance. The most important thing is, of course, the matching swing seat, no matter whether you want to equip a complete climbing frame with slide or a wooden swing frame with a swing seat. The Wickey online shop offers the ideal swing accessories for every individual project. From the classic swing seat and simple children's swing seat made of plastic, to impressive nest swings, double swings, disc swings, duo swings and baby swings, we have the perfect seat for all types of play. You can also find swing seats that are suitable for public playgrounds.


Your children's safety is very important to us at Wickey and enjoys the highest priority. Every swing seat impresses with its high quality. Both the polypropylene swing ropes and the swing seats with chains impress with their exceptional stability. The rings and figure-eight hooks made from galvanised steel ensure a secure hold, so that your children can get out into the garden and swing without a care in the world.

Children's swing seat

You have various materials to choose from when selecting one of our children's swing seats. Decide for yourself whether you would rather have a swing seat made of wood, rubber or plastic. All materials are extremely weather-resistant and are therefore perfectly suited for garden use.


Creating an adventurous swinging paradise can be quite simple: As to the plastic swing seat you can choose from various colours. The elastic swing seat, on the other hand, offers a soft and comfortable seating surface.. We also offer the classic wooden seat which adds a cozy and natural atmosphere to your garden Due to the resilient pressure impregnated wood the swing seat withstands every adventure. Both classics are easy and uncomplicated to set up and offer your children great play opportunities. Whether swinging in pairs, happily swaying back and forth, or competing in cherry pit spitting - everything is possible!

Swinging on the nest swing

Would you like to expand your children's climbing frame or your playhouse with a unique swing seat? Then Wickey is the right place for you! The disc swing is a real highlight for acrobats. This swing can provide tremendous swinging fun both standing and sitting, as it is movable in all directions. The disc swing is available plastic, and as a monkey swing made of rubber.


Something very special for little gymnasts and circus artists is the nest swing. There is even room for several children on the large nest swing. That way they can swing and fool around together. The polyethylene fabric is extremely weather-resistant and water-repellent. Discover our extraordinary foot swing for little artists as an alternative to the standard swing seat!


Our Swing Ball Buoy goes perfectly with our climbing frame with wobbly bridge, with which sailors can dive down into a vibrant underwater world. Then it's just full speed ahead!

Public children's swing

Alongside our swing seats for private use, you can also find swings for public settings in the Wickey online shop. If you want to set up playground equipment in a play park or other public space, you require an EN 1176 certificate. All swings with hot-dip galvanised chains comply with with the certificate's safety provisions. You can also have a look around our "Public Playground“ category, in which you can also find climbing frames and slides for public use.


Did you know? When your little ones let off steam with friends out in the garden, they will turn into sleepy little dreamers. Our Wickey child’s beds ensure a restful sleep. Whether single bed, loft bed or bunk bed with slide - we have the perfect play bed for every child. You can also find more great play equipment at FATMOOSE!

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