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Wooden swing seat

  • Dimensions 45x18.5cm
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Wooden swing seat

Kids are not fussy when it comes to playing. The little ones need nothing more than a comfortable swing board with secure ropes and hooks attached to a robust frame. This swing board is a simple, popular and affordable swing design. The small adventurers hop onto the swing board and swing up into the air. With their faces to the sky, and a little push from mummy and daddy, they swing higher and higher. The parents look quite small from up there. The thick, durable wooden swing board and the strong ropes guarantee that children feel safe when swinging.

  • Swing seat made from pressure-treated wood 
  • Treated with copper based product
  • Dimensions 44x18x3 cm
  • Polypropylene ropes diameter 12 mm
  • Black polypropylene weld on the ropes
  • Rings and hooks made from galvanized steel
  • For swing frame height 185-240 cm
  • Maximum user weight 70 kg
  • Product weight 1.3 kg
  • Extremely weather resistant
  • All measurements shown are approximate