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Swing corner brackets

Wickey's Swing Connector

Wickey's Swing Connectors guarantee a stable connection between the individual swing components so that the little adventurer can safely rock into the sky. All the connectors for our high-quality Swing Frames are extremely weather resistant and powder-coated and promise long-lasting swing fun. Wickey always states the exact information for every product so you know which connecter is needed for each swing, how much weight it will support and the dimensions of each post. Also the size of the drilled holes and the angles are indicated and guarantee secure and easy assembly.

These connectors are available for your swing

Do you, for example, own a swing and the swing frame is made of round wood, then we recommend our swing connector 80/100 mm. Its metal is powder-coated in unobtrusive but attractive dark green and thus prepared for any wind and weather. The diameter for the lateral post is with this pipe connector 100 mm, and for the vertical post 80 mm. Our swing connector square, however, is for all those who have a swing frame with square timber. From drilling size up to angle size, you will find out everything you need to how properly connect the individual swing elements. Like all connectors, so as well as the square connector, are extremely stable, weather resistant and also very variable. With cheerful blue colour your swing frame receives a colourful splash of colour to the connecting axis, which also guarantees that everything stays secure. The post dimensions are 80x80x4 mm, and the external dimensions 330x330 mm. The lateral post measures 90 mm, the vertical post on the other hand 70 to 90 mm. For freestanding swings the Smart Swing Connector XXL is the appropriate connector.

The wall connector for your swing

With the Smart Swing Connectors from Wickey, you get a smart prop from green coating that is suitable for all Swing attachments from Wickey, which are mounted on walls or climbing frames. So if you're looking for a swing wall connector, an expansion for our many climbing frames, or if you want to connect your wooden swing with slide to a climbing frame, you're in good hands with Wickey and are certain to find the right connector here.

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