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Build your own climbing frame with Wickey

A In order to turn your little ones into heroic builders, you can build your own Wickey climbing frame and have your children assisted. The joy and pride are all the greater when the family creates a small playground in the garden together. Thanks to the detailed building instruction, the construction of the garden play equipment can be done simply and quickly.

Climbing frame extension for even more fun

A climbing wall made from sturdy solid wood will make the perfect extension to your climbing frame or tower playhouse. This can be easily attached to your existing play equipment. The climbing holds in various shapes not only encourage children's motor development, but also improve their dexterity. Your children can climb the wall like little climbing monkeys and enjoy the view from the top of the children’s climbing frame. With Wickey’s wooden climbing wall you can build your own impressive climbing frame for your little gymnasts.


A fantastic alternative to the climbing wall is the climbing net, which can be purchased in various sizes online and at affordable prices. Which adventurer will reach the top of the mountain first?

Buy climbing frame add-ons at reasonable prices

To make the roof of your garden playhouse or treehouse a real eyecatcher, you can extend your Wickey roof. Whether you wish to convert the tarpaulin roof into a wooden roof or enhance the wooden roof to a roof with shingles, the decision is entirely yours.


One particularly practical climbing frame add-on is the sandpit cover. Wickey offers special wooden covers for a climbing frame with sandpit. A sandpit with cover made from pressure-treated wood is ideal for your garden, as the play sand is always protected from wind and weather, as well as animals.. Select the sandpit cover to match your Wickey climbing frame.

Further kids climbing frame accessories

It's not just our Wickey climbing wall that can be added to a Wickey climbing frame, but other fantastic outdoor play equipment as well. How about a swing frame, for example? A wooden swing is a classic garden play equipment that will light up the eyes of any child. They’ll enjoy swinging high up on a double swing with friends and the feeling of freedom in the fresh air. Have your children always dreamt of being a fire fighter? Then add a fire pole to your Wickey climbing frame. When the troops are called to help, they can get down to their spectacular mission in a flash. Then it’s just: "Charge the hose line!"


Our tip: You can also extend your climbing frame with fantastical climbing frame accessories. With many small details, such as a children's telescope, a steering wheel or a siren, your children can immerse themselves in an adventurous fairytale world. Discover more creative play equipment and other playground accessories at FATMOOSE!