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Weed control fabric 320x320 cm

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Weed control fabric 320x320 cm

This weed control fabric can be inserted into the sandbox to prevent vermin such as worms, but also roots etc. from getting into the sandbox from below. The weed control fabric can be fastened in the sandbox, e.g. with a stapler, before the sand is filled in.

Product details

  • Surface area: 10.24 m²
  • Dimensions: 320x320 cm
  • Permeable to water
  • Impermeable to worms and roots

Tip: Please aerate the sandpit and rake the sand regularly to avoid mould or mildew. Also, make sure that moisture can escape.

Important product information


Not recommended for children under 3 years of age
For domestic use only under direct adult supervision
The indicated measurements and colours may vary slightly


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