Climbing frame Wickey Smart Lodge 120

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Additionally you will need
  • 1 anchor set of 8 Pieces (Frame 4, Ladder 2, Swing set 2)
  • Safety Tiles 22 Pieces

Note: We offer a 10-year warranty¹ on our wood if you purchase our anchors at the same time.

  • Angle anchor Wickey SolidLock  (set of 8)  621222
    Special Price €105.95 Regular Price €124.95
  • Weed control fabric 200x200 cm  109580
    Special Price €14.95 Regular Price €17.95
  • Rubber safety tile 50x50x2.5 cm  620664_k
    As low as €11.95 Regular Price €14.95
  • Ground anchor Wickey SimpleLock (set of 8)  621101
    Special Price €81.95 Regular Price €99.95
    Wickey - That's why!
    • 10-year guarantee¹
    • Impregnated solid wood
    • Made in Germany
    • Digital assembly service

    Kids climbing frame Wickey Smart Lodge 120

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    About Wickey Smart Lodge 120

    A new day at the seaside has begun and the first beach explorers keep a close eye on the seaside with the telescope. Wow, straight ahead is a kids climbing frame with slide and swings! As fast as the wind the explorers climb the beach house Wickey Smart Lodge 120 – one climbs the sloping ladder and the other scales the climbing wall. Wack! The Wickey flag is already raised showing that summer has arrived and indicating the wind direction. At the counter you can get everything you need for a long day at the beach. In return for a smile you will get marshmallows, beach balls and a chocolate ice cream!

    Suddenly a loud splash: a few sunbathers whizzing off the slide into the sparkling water, trying to find a seahorse while they are snorkeling. Others swing barefoot above the glittering water surface with the tip of their nose in the sun and watch a few surfers courageously conquer the impressive waves. On land, a young angler has made himself comfortable in the sandpit and a few friends are invited to the evening beach party over the phone.
    Wickey – Create your own adventure!

    Learn here, what makes Wickey so special.

    Product details

    Platform height(s)120 cm
    Installation area
    The installation area is the m² area that your playground equipment occupies. Please also observe the minimum safety distances between walls, trees or fences.
    16,38 m²
    Swing beam9x9 cm
    Length of slide220 cm
    Recommended quantity of sand260 kg at a filling level of 60 %
    Series / Post thicknessWickey Smart Series / 7x7 cm

    Delivery contents

    • Slide with water connection 220 cm
    • 2 Swing seats incl. adjustable ropes
    • 4 Swing hooks with plastic bearings
    • Wooden swing connector
    • Playhouse with shop counter
    • 5 Climbing holds
    • 4 Plastic handles
    • Ship's wheel
    • Telescope
    • Telephone
    • Chimney
    • Weatherproof tarpaulin 650 g/m²
    • Inclined climbing ladder
    • Straight climbing wall
    • Wooden roof
    • Shop with awning
    • Wickey sticker
    • Sticker foil
    • Alphabet sticker sheet
    • Integrated sandpit
    • All required screws
    • Two-piece safety caps to cover screws
    • Comprehensive assembly instructions for easy construction

    Important product information

    Custom-design your climbing frame

    The tarpaulin and sticker film are supplied uncustomised to allow you and your children free rein with your creativity. Have our pictures inspired you? Patterns for the tarpaulin can be found in the assembly instructions for your climbing frame.

    Optimal accuracy of fit

    As wood is a natural product, its volume changes as it dries out or absorbs moisture, so we recommend you drill some wooden elements yourself to ensure a precise fit and stability.


    Not recommended for children under 3 years of age
    For domestic use only under direct adult supervision
    The indicated measurements and colours may vary slightly

    ¹ The advertised guarantee is valid for all wooden parts if you purchase our anchors at the same time. In any other case, the statutory guarantee will apply. Further information regarding the scope of the guarantee and its enforcement can be found in our guarantee declaration.

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    Anchor info

    Wickey's anchor

    Wickey's recommendation
    Anchor name SolidLock SimpleLock
    Suitable posts ≤ 9x9 cm ≤ 9x9 cm
    Suitable for all soil conditions
    Mounting on the inside possible**
    Quick and easy assembly

    We recommend that all our anchors are concreted into position

    * Stabilises the posts

    ** Anchor not visible from outside


    For extended service life and increased safety:

    SlideLock ground anchor for setting slides in concrete

    Add the SlideLock slide anchor to your order to make your playground equipment extra stable. 

    Tips & Tricks

    1. Install the play tower and place it on the space designated. Please keep a safe distance in accordance with the installation instructions.
    2. Mark all post of the tower on the ground and dig frost-proof holes (Ø30 x T70 cm) into the soil.
    3. Place the play tower and install all the anchors, if possible on the hidden side.
    4. Support the anchor with stones or the play equipment with wooden wedges until the play tower is horizontal.
    5. Pour concrete up to about 10 cm below the surface. When the concrete is dry, the remaining hole can be filled with topsoil.
    Wood from Europe new

    Get the best tips on our wooden products here

    Solid spruce and pine wood from Europe give our playground equipment its individual character. As a sustainable material, they offer a natural look and are particularly durable outdoors. We place special emphasis on the responsible use and quality of our wood to ensure that your children can play safely.

    Wood from Europe

    • Most of our wood comes from domestic forests in southeastern Germany.
    • For our playground equipment we use impregnated pine or spruce wood.
    • Wickey wood stands for exceptional durability outdoors.

    Natural and sustainable cultivation

    • We place special emphasis on the quality and responsible use of our wood.
    • Our wood grows slowly, which makes it harder and more durable.
    • The impregnation makes the wood more durable and is biologically safe for humans, animals and plants.

    A living material with optimal fitting accuracy

    • It is perfectly normal for the volume of the wood to change due to moisture absorption/drying.
    • Because of this, unpack your wood directly and let it dry for at least 2 days before assembly.
    • Subsequently, some wooden elements should be pre-drilled by yourself to ensure accuracy of fit and stability.
    • We recommend lightly sanding the edges created by the production process. Depending on the surface, choose sandpaper with a rougher or finer grit - light sanding is sufficient.


    In our assembly video, you will find many helpful tips for the assembly of your climbing frame!

    Boiler-pressure impregnation

    • Boiler pressure impregnation that protects against environmental factors increases the service life of your playground equipment.
    • The wood is therefore particularly easy to maintain, as no additional sanding and painting are required, saving you effort, time and money.
    • Due to the mixture of leaking resin and the ingredients of the pressure impregnation, greenish colouration may occur. This is completely harmless.

    Immediately unpack the wood and allow it to dry for at least 2 days so that any moisture from the impregnation process is completely gone from the wood. This ensures optimal conditions for the next steps and the longevity of the wood.

    Individual characteristics

    • Knots, grains and pith are part of the natural characteristics of wood.
    • Cracks with a length of up to ¼ of the sawn timber length and ¼ of the cross-section depth are statically harmless!
    • Drying cracks are permissible according to DIN 4074.

    Are the wooden parts of your playground equipment showing cracks? Send us a photo via our contact form. Our technical staff will be happy to advise you.

    Superficial colouring

    • Superficial white to greenish spots are harmless.
    • They are caused by leaking resin and the ingredients of pressure impregnation, which collect on the surface.
    • Their appearance will even out over time due to outdoor weathering.

    Heavily affected areas can be lightly sanded!


    Do you prefer things to be colourful? Choose a colour that is safe for children and the environment, certified according to DIN EN 71 Part 3.


    Wickey climbing frame videos

    Find out what makes Wickey so special, be inspired by our collection of great product videos from our customers, or use our detailed assembly video to help with your climbing frame assembly.

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