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FATMOOSE FatTarp all-weather tarpaulin

  • Tarpaulin for football goal, shop or hammock
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All-weather tarpaulin FatTarp

Do you love a funky design and is good quality important to you? The FATMOOSE FatTarp all-weather tarpaulin makes any climbing frame one of a kind and turns your playtime paradise into a real eye-catcher. Simply cut the tarpaulin as you wish, attach it to your climbing frame wherever suits you with the supplied screws and design away. Let your creativity run wild and customise the tarpaulin with washable pens, chalk and stickers, or cut crazy patterns into it. Of course, you can also use the brilliant tarpaulin as a hammock, door or football goal wall. The possibilities are endless!

  • FatTarp all-weather tarpaulin for cutting and colouring
  • Heavy plastic tarpaulin
  • Dimensions 204x113 cm
  • Product weight 650 g/m²
  • Incl. 25 screws and washers
  • For long-term outdoor use 
  • All measurements shown are approximate


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