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Public slide

Wickey's slides in accordance with EN 1176

If your children not only want to use their slide in their garden at home, but also in public areas such as parks, hotels, preschools, schools and restaurants, since 1998 you need an EN 1176 certificate. This lays out the safety guidelines that everyone must abide by. That means a playground must at least fulfil the standards stated in EN 1176. And to guarantee that your children have Wickey fun not only at home but also in public areas, we've had some of our products tested in accordance with EN 1176. Here we go!

Public children's slides in accordance with EN 1176

With Wickey's fun EN 1176 wave slides, you'll find the ideal children's public slide for your little ones. Choose between the stainless steel slide or one of our moulded HDPE slides, such as the public slide 254.5cm. The latter, as with all our slides that are not made from stainless steel, is available in many different cheerful colours so your child can choose their favourite. Some of our slides, such at the public slide 336cm, can even be used as a slide attachment for private swimming pools! And away you go!

Slides and playground equipment for public use

But Wickey doesn't only have EN 1176-certified slides. Fun spring rockers, swing sets and complete climbing frames have been tested and are suitable for public outdoor areas. Do you already have a Wickey climbing frame and want to add a wave slide to it that guarantees playtime fun? Every wave rider will find their perfect slide here, available for various platform heights, made from different but always high-quality materials and in a range of fun colours. Combine items to your children's desire and add a slide to your swing set, or a sandpit to your slide. Here, your child is the boss!

Easy handling and assembly

Slides from Wickey are easy to attach to Wickey platforms (we provide recommendations, and instructions are simple and easy to understand) and they are all extremely weather resistant. Scratch-proof and protected against vandalism, all our slides are suitable for outdoor areas, so even the little ones can have lots of fun. Wickey also offers other play equipment that is certified in accordance with EN 1176. Here you will find the public children's swing, public climbing framesplayground tilespublic ground anchors and a children's spring rocker approved for public use.