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Buy single beds 200x90 cm at great prices online

When the moon rises in the evening and the stars start to twinkle, it's time for the little ones to go to bed. Whether at 3 years of age or a little bit later - at some point - children will want to swap the cradle or cot for a kids' bed. At Wickey, you will find a range of single beds for your children's room online. In these wonderful wooden play beds, your children can sleep peacefully and play creatively. To meet our high quality standards, at our own bed manufacturing site in Germany we only use natural, untreated Nordic spruce and pine wood. Every children's bed in the CrAzY range has a solid wood slatted frame and bed to provide a robust frame and good stability. Create your own adventure world in your children's room with the creative themes and colours of the Wickey play beds. Let your child decide whether they would like to go to bed on an underwater expedition with dolphins or be the hero of their own dreams in their own fire brigade bed.

Create a unique kids' bed

Our play beds for children can be individually customised. Wickey allows you to select from a range of accessories and colours: the high-quality adventure bed will brighten up the kids’ room when you pick your children's favourite colour for the tarpaulin.

The special thing about our tarpaulins for the children's bed with roof is that they can be painted by your little heroes without any problems, because the fantasy tarpaulin is washable. In addition, you can decide whether to leave the single bed in a natural wood look or paint it to your liking. Our solid wood is ideal for a white or colourful coat of paint in the children's room. Naturally, a solid wood slatted frame is also included.

With a Wickey children's bed, the original accessories, such as the tarpaulin for the adventure camp bed, are available in green, apple green or yellow. There's no limit to your kids’ creativity when they play in their adventure bed.

Play bed for playing and dreaming

The bedtime story is part of the nightly ritual for almost every child and every story becomes an imaginative fairy tale with our unique Wickey play beds.
After a peaceful night, each child looks forward to new experiences: whether before nursery or at bedtime - the bed is the fortress of play. For example, choose a Wickey single bed with a playing platform. From the tower, the captains steer their ship and spot new treasure islands in the distance. And one thing is certain: after the exciting experiences, your child can rest in the well-sheltered, cosy children's bed. Look online for our matching Wickey mattress, the ideal children's bed mattress. If your children have set their sights up high, you can also buy loft beds at great prices in our online shop.

Did you know?

In addition to our kids' beds and climbing frames for the garden, you will also find great playhouses, swing frames and unique climbing frame accessories. Because when the sun shines through the window of the children's room, it brings everybody outside. Kids compete to go the highest on the swings and giant sandcastles are built in the sandpit. For even more variety, take a look at more climbing frames and tower playhouses from FATMOOSE!

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