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Children's bed Wickey CrAzY Buddy

Adventure camp with bird house

  • Dimensions: L214 x W126 cm
  • Height: 141 cm
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Single bed with roof Wickey CrAzY Buddy

A loud whistle sounds through the Wickey CrAzY Buddy camp! A frightened robin flies out of the bird house into the open air. The little campers quickly wriggle out of their sleeping bags and gather at the campfire. Today the expedition party is setting off to the Magical lake. The party marches off in good spirits. They pass oak trees with owls perched on the branches. When they arrive at the lake they cannot believe their eyes: singing elves are flying through the air and the water is glittering with bright colours. Together they organise a picnic and go splashing in the Magical lake.

Back at camp they place their rucksacks in the Multi-loop at the side of the bed. Tired but happy, the campers collapse into their roof-covered play beds and dream of new adventures.
Sweet dreams, Wickey!

Product details

  • Wickey CrAzY-Series
  • Nordic pine/spruce
  • Natural and untreated wood
  • Solid boards 18x120 mm
  • Main support beams 58x58 mm
  • Mattress area 200x90 cm
  • Quality and safety tested
  • Mirrored assembly possible
  • Fantasy tarpaulin to paint on, washable
  • Cut the Multi-Loop hanging bag as desired
  • Fantasy canvas can be cut as you wish

Content of delivery

  • Timber package with posts and pre-drilled boards
  • Solid 18 mm slatted bed base
  • CrAzY roof
  • CrAzY signpost
  • CrAzY birdhouse
  • Sticker foil
  • All screws included
  • Detailed assembly instructions
  • Duvet cover, pillows, mattress and box not included

Not recommended for children under 3 years of age
For domestic use only
The indicated measurements and colours may vary slightly
The colour of the accessories may differ from the images

* The specified guarantee applies to all wooden parts. Additional information regarding the scope of the guarantee and its assertion can be found in our guarantee declaration.


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