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Bunk bed with slide Wickey CrAzY Circus

Double adventure – Fun at the circus

  • Dimensions: L200 x W315 cm
  • Height: 215 cm
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Bed for two kids with wave slide Wickey CrAzY Circus

With bated breath the audience is watching the artful performance of the two star artists. The famous Wickey CrAzY Circus is the hit of the town and surprises with a bunk bed with slide, in its spectacular choice of colours! The spectators look at the wave slide in amazement then turn to see the other attractions: the acrobats climb the ladder and drive the circus tent together from east to west with the steering wheel. Meanwhile the clown spies on the audience with the telescope.

Finally it is time! Accompanied by the thunderous applause, the biggest feat of the show under the colourful roof starts: the circus artists are crawling through the tent, sliding down the wave slide and landing elegantly in the middle of the arena. More applause, cheering, showers of confetti- such a colourful event!
Sweet dreams, Wickey!

Product details

  • Wickey CrAzY-Series
  • Nordic pine/spruce
  • Natural and untreated wood
  • Solid boards 18x120 mm
  • Main support beams 58x58 mm
  • Mattress area 200x90x12 cm
  • Quality and safety tested
  • Mirrored assembly possible
  • Fantasy Tarp to paint on, washable
  • Fantasy canvas and stickers can be cut as you wish.
  • Carpentry skills recommended because of crooked design

Content of delivery

  • Timber package with posts and pre-drilled boards
  • Solid 18 mm slatted bed base
  • Waveslide 220 cm
  • CrAzY roof
  • Climbing ladder
  • Telescope
  • 2 Plastic handles
  • Steering wheel
  • Sticker foil
  • Wickey sticker
  • All screws included
  • Detailed assembly instructions
  • Duvet cover, pillows, mattress and box not included

Learn here, what makes Wickey so special.

Not recommended for children under 6 years of age
For domestic use only
The indicated measurements and colours may vary slightly
The colour of the accessories may differ from the images

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